Estate Administration

Wills, Trusts, Probate, Late Life Issues
As a solo practitioner in his law practice, Mike Warren, Attorney, sometimes has the opportunity to assist a current energy client or even a new client in meeting the more individualized legal needs and challenges of personal life.  Mike Warren drafts wills and trusts when helpful to the planning and administration of small and medium estates.  He has assisted clients with probate administration, securing letters testamentary, citation, notice, and estate closure.  He has assisted with the administration, documentation, and dissolution of testamentary trusts when that was what his client needed.

Making arrangements for affordable long term care is an area where Mike Warren has assisted clients.  When individuals or their children have been faced with long term care questions, his experience has helped with the sometimes daunting challenges presented, which are invariably burdened with uncertainty and emotion.

Sometimes an issue has presented itself to one of Mike Warren’s clients that does not fit neatly into the categories by which lawyers and law firms define their practices: a salesman is negotiating or terminating a service brokerage agreement; a manager wants to help an employee with challenges in his personal life; an executive wants to negotiate and formalize a fair compensation agreement with a prospective employer.  In these any many other areas, Mike Warren has helped his clients and his prospective clients: sometimes directly, by providing the legal counsel himself, sometimes indirectly, by referring the client to another resource.  In either case, the client has benefited from calling on Mike Warren, Attorney.

Mike Warren, Attorney, has helped clients in Dallas, Ft. Worth, San Antonio, Austin, and Houston. If your town is not listed, call Mike and see about having it added